• Photo by Paul McCarthy | Flickr

    Local Household Income Rises

    Household income rose in southwestern Pennsylvania last year, but regional gains fell short of the record increase seen across the... More

  • Regional Wages Fall // Pittsburgh Today

    Regional Wages Fall

    The average weekly wage plummeted in southwestern Pennsylvania during the first quarter of the year driven by steep reductions in... More

  • The Right Thing To Do -- The Pittsburgh Foundation launches “100 percent Pittsburgh” to build a region that includes everyone

    The Right Thing To Do

    For the next 10 to 12 years, The Pittsburgh Foundation will re-organize its grantmaking around a new operating principle, 100... More

  • Thinking Green - Sustainability in the workplace and built environment gains momentum // pittsburghtoday.org

    Thinking Green

    Undertaking sustainable practices remains largely voluntary in Pittsburgh and surrounding counties. But the potential for saving money and a changing... More

  • Illustration by Dan Marsula

    Remaking Learning - How It Got Started

    The eventual result of thousands of leaders and innovators working on behalf of kids, the Remake Learning Network started small:... More

  • Involuntary Mental Health Commitment - Age and race influence who is committed

    Involuntary Mental Health Commitment

    Teenagers and African Americans face the greatest risk of being involuntarily committed to mental health facilities in Allegheny County, a... More

  • remaking-learning-featured

    Remaking Learning

    Southwestern Pennsylvania’s imaginative twists on educating children with the digital media they find so engaging and the regional movement that... More

  • Rewriting History - City police attempt to mend relations in African American neighborhoods

    Rewriting History

    The image of citizen-friendly policing is one that Pittsburgh hopes to earn in African American neighborhoods as the result of... More

  • Energy Boost - States collaborate to grow region’s petrochemical industry // pittsburghtoday.org

    Energy Boost

    After competing against one another to lure the industry to their states for years, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and his... More

What's New

Growth in GDP

Pittsburgh’s gross domestic product (GDP) increased 3.3 percent and had the fifth-highest rate of growth from 2014 to 2015. Pittsburgh’s per capita real GDP saw the largest year-over-year growth of...


Year-Over-Year Job Growth

The Pittsburgh region lost 1,900 jobs between August 2015 and August 2016, a 0.2 percent decline. That percentage was below the benchmark average of a 2.3 percent gain and was...


Foreign Born Population

According to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Pittsburgh has the smallest foreign-born population among its benchmark peers totaling 3.9 percent, below metros like Cincinnati, St. Louis and Cleveland. 29.3 percent...