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    Sustainability Watch: Cost of Living

    The cost of living has increased in the region since 2011, but so has family income. And despite rising costs,... More

  • No Money Down

    No Money Down

    The use of money bonds to hold people who are arrested is falling out of favor in an increasing number... More

  • Photo by Maranie Staab

    Does Air Quality Matter to Young Workers?

    Pittsburgh’s “smoky city” days are past, but the region’s air remains among the most polluted of the country’s metropolitan areas,... More

  • Photo by Maranie Staab

    Living Dangerously

    Despite the improvement in the region’s air quality in recent years, southwestern Pennsylvania still fails to meet federal health-based standards... More

  • The Last Coke Works // Pittsburgh Today

    The Last Coke Works

    U.S. Steel’s Clairton plant still casts a long shadow over local air quality At the Clairton Public Library in the... More

  • The Region's Top 10 Air Polluters

    The Region's Top 10 Air Polluters

    Although the region’s air has improved dramatically from the height of Pittsburgh’s industrial past, southwestern Pennsylvania remains home to factories... More

  • inconspicuous-dangerous-pittsburgh-today

    Inconspicuous and Dangerous

    Ozone and PM2.5 are the region’s biggest air hazards The heavy smoke is gone. But particulates 30 times smaller than... More

  • Up In The Air

    Up in the Air

    Southwestern Pennsylvania and air quality have long had a complicated relationship. For the better part of a century, the region... More

  • Bridging the Digital Divide - Pittsburgh Today - by Julia Fraser

    Bridging the Digital Divide

    Public libraries, a piece of the region’s educational mosaic, are reinventing themselves in response to the demands of new technologies... More

What's New

Year-Over-Year Job Growth

The Pittsburgh region gained 7,300 jobs between May 2016 and May 2017, a 0.6 percent increase over the year. However, that percentage was well below the benchmark average of 1.9 percent...


Five-Year Job Growth

Over the five-year period from May 2012 to May 2017, the Pittsburgh region gained 10,300 nonfarm jobs, the smallest increase among all benchmark regions. Pittsburgh’s job growth rate over the...


Wages by Occupation

Because individuals and specific occupations can get lost in indicators like our data on average annual and average quarterly wage rates, we are publishing average annual wages from the Bureau...