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    Mobility Trends in Pittsburgh

    An easy commute is hard to come by in the Pittsburgh region. Traffic delays are longer, transit use lags and... More

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    A Question of Learning

    Scientists work to make computers more effective teachers As a digital revolution changes classrooms across the region and country, one key... More

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    Rethinking Education

    In recent years, U.S. education has seen an increasing emphasis on standardized testing. Running parallel to those trends, however, is... More

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    Graduation Rates

    High school graduation rates are improving in southwestern Pennsylvania overall. Yet, in a handful of districts, nearly a third or... More

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    Racial Equity

    The racial and ethnic demographics of southwestern Pennsylvania are changing, just as they are across the nation. The share of... More

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    Air Quality Trends

    The days when Pittsburgh earned the reputation as the “Smokey City” may be long gone, but the quality of the... More

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    Environmental Ethic

    The environmental ethic among southwestern Pennsylvanians is complex, data reported in the Pittsburgh Regional Environmental survey suggest. They do not,... More

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    Infant Mortality Trends

    Infant mortality remains a serious public health issue in the region, nation and around the world. Local data, however, is... More

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    Combined Sewage Overflow

    Abundant annual rainfall leaves southwestern Pennsylvania in a fortunate position as much of the world grapples with the prospect of... More

What's New

Wages by Occupation

Because individuals and specific occupations can get lost in indicators like our data on average annual and average quarterly wage rates, we are publishing average annual wages from the Bureau...


Cost of Living Index

Pittsburgh’s average Composite Cost of Living Index for the third quarter of 2016 was 95.7, below the benchmark average of 106.2. Transportation costs in the Pittsburgh region were the third-highest among...


Local Employment and Unemployment

Metropolitan Pitsburgh’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate increased 0.9 percent from November 2015 to November 2016. During that period, the seven-county region added 12,000 people to the labor force but only 900 jobs. Within...