• Involuntary Mental Health Commitment - Age and race influence who is committed

    Involuntary Mental Health Commitment

    Teenagers and African Americans face the greatest risk of being involuntarily committed to mental health facilities in Allegheny County, a... More

  • remaking-learning-featured

    Remaking Learning

    Southwestern Pennsylvania’s imaginative twists on educating children with the digital media they find so engaging and the regional movement that... More

  • Rewriting History - City police attempt to mend relations in African American neighborhoods

    Rewriting History

    The image of citizen-friendly policing is one that Pittsburgh hopes to earn in African American neighborhoods as the result of... More

  • Energy Boost - States collaborate to grow region’s petrochemical industry // pittsburghtoday.org

    Energy Boost

    After competing against one another to lure the industry to their states for years, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and his... More

  • when-unseasonably-warm-spelled-disaster-featured

    When an Unseasonably Warm March Spelled Disaster

    The unseasonably warm temperatures we frequently enjoyed during this passing month of March helped take the bite out of winter.... More

  • Thinking Boldly - Region begins to imagine the transit network of the future

    Thinking Boldly

    Civic leaders across southwestern Pennsylvania want people to start thinking big about the future of transportation in the region. Imagine... More

  • Public Safety - Falling crime rates tempered by troubling exceptions // pittsburghtoday.org

    Public Safety

    Low and falling crime rates were again seen across the southwestern Pennsylvania region with a few exceptions, including a dramatic... More

  • Art Revival

    Art Revival

    The history of art and community development is complicated and not without tension, particularly between neighborhoods and outside organizations. In... More

  • A Sustaining Influence

    A Sustaining Influence

    Metro regions worldwide are increasingly looking to cultivate innovation economies and reinvent themselves around sustainable strategies as a means of... More

What's New

Unemployment Rate

The Pittsburgh Metro Area’s unemployment rate — seasonally adjusted — increased 0.5 percentage points from February to March 2016 to total 5.5 percent. Over the 12-month period, the rate increased a...


Local Employment and Unemployment

The seven-county Pittsburgh region’s seasonally adjusted March unemployment rate of 5.5 percent increased 0.5 percent from February. Over the 12-month period from March 2015 to March 2016, the rate increased...


Year-Over-Year Job Growth

The Pittsburgh region added 2,200 jobs between March 2015 and March 2016, a 0.2 percent increase. That percentage was below the benchmark average of 2.1 percent and was the lowest of...