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Key Indicators for Understanding Our Region

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Climate Change Concerns A Beacon for Newcomers Seeds of Opportunity Pittsburgh Today & Tomorrow 2015 Behind the Times: The Limited Role of Minorities in the Greater Pittsburgh Workforce The State of Aging in Allegheny County Is Better Good Enough?

Climate Change Concerns

Our environment survey suggests that a majority of southwestern Pennsylvanians support controls on greenhouse gases - a concept that's at the heart of the Obama Administration policy for combating climate change announced this week. Read on to see what the survey reveals about the region's views on global warming, its causes and other issues

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A Beacon for Newcomers

For decades, the region has had one of the smallest populations of foreign-born residents of any metro area in the country. Now, Pittsburgh is taking steps to build a more welcoming and supportive atmosphere for immigrants.

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Seeds of Opportunity

Nonprofits such as Urban Innovation21 and Thrill Mill are taking steps to redefine the image of incubators as solely focused on highly educated tech developers by reaching out to struggling communities and adopting inclusion and neighborhood engagement as part of their strategies. Find out how these nonprofits are making a difference.

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Pittsburgh Today & Tomorrow 2015

PittsburghTODAY is excited to announce the publication of Pittsburgh Today & Tomorrow 2015. In this annual report, we asses how Pittsburgh is doing compared with 14 other regions in 11 categories and examine key issues affecting Pittsburgh.

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Behind the Times: The Limited Role of Minorities in the Greater Pittsburgh Workforce

The southwestern Pennsylvania workforce is lacking in diversity by almost any measure. And the discrepancies seen in labor force participation, the type of jobs minority workers hold and the incomes they earn are issues with implications for the region’s economy, businesses and citizens.

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The State of Aging in Allegheny County

Older adults are growing in number and influence across the region and the nation. See the new report this new report to learn about the demographic phenomenon that has profound implications for everyone in southwestern Pennsylvania.

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Is Better Good Enough?

Despite marked improvement in air quality, the Pittsburgh region still ranks among the most polluted in the nation. This PittsburghTODAY special report looks at whether we've grown tolerant of substandard air and asks the question: Is better good enough?

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