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    Combined Sewage Overflow

    Abundant annual rainfall leaves southwestern Pennsylvania in a fortunate position as much of the world grapples with the prospect of... More

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    Regional Poverty

    Poverty remains a stubborn problem for most regions in the United States and southwestern Pennsylvania is no exception. The rate... More

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    Regional Housing Trends

    More southwestern Pennsylvanians have been able to find housing that fits their budgets in the past decade, despite steadily rising... More

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    Regional Crime

    Property and violent crime rates reported in the seven-county Pittsburgh Metropolitan Statistical Area have, for the most part, steadily decreased... More

  • Regional Energy Use

    Regional Energy Use

    In a region where coal was once king, nearly half of the electricity consumed today is generated from non-carbon sources.... More

  • 1024-the-road-to-sustainability

    The Road to Sustainability

    In a region conceived around the principles of sustainability, clean, healthy air is an undisputed staple. Southwestern Pennsylvania is not... More

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    Local Household Income Rises

    Household income rose in southwestern Pennsylvania last year, but regional gains fell short of the record increase seen across the... More

  • Regional Wages Fall // Pittsburgh Today

    Regional Wages Fall

    The average weekly wage plummeted in southwestern Pennsylvania during the first quarter of the year driven by steep reductions in... More

  • The Right Thing To Do -- The Pittsburgh Foundation launches “100 percent Pittsburgh” to build a region that includes everyone

    The Right Thing To Do

    For the next 10 to 12 years, The Pittsburgh Foundation will re-organize its grantmaking around a new operating principle, 100... More

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Housing Appreciation Rates

The Seattle metropolitan region led all other regions in the most recent 12-month period with an housing appreciation rate of 12.23 percent; Pittsburgh ranked twelfth at 4.07 percent, below the...


Local Employment and Unemployment

The seven-county Pittsburgh region’s seasonally adjusted October unemployment rate of 6 percent remained unchanged from September. Over the 12-month period from October 2015 to October 2016, the rate increased 1...


All Crimes by MSA

Crime rates in the Pittsburgh MSA tend to be lower than those in most of our benchmark regions. In 2015, the Pittsburgh MSA ranked as the safest metro area among...

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