• Keeping International Graduates


    Photo by Always Shooting | Flickr

    Getting legal permission to live and work in the United States can be a difficult and uncertain journey for many international graduates. The complex and frustrating process to be allowed to stay and work in this country is one of the biggest obstacles to retaining international graduates in a region where bolstering the thin foreign-born... More

  • Pittsburgh’s Immigration Trends


    The foreign born population of Pittsburgh and surrounding region is woefully low compared to other metro areas, raising concerns about future growth. But that wasn’t always the case. Once, immigrants made up 32 percent of the City of Pittsburgh population. Was it in 1870? 1890? 1910? 1950? More

  • Immigrants Wanted


    Immigrants Wanted - Creating a welcoming region is an inexact science

    Reestablishing the region as a destination for immigrants is increasingly seen as a prerequisite for continued economic and population growth. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that immigrants will be the main driver of U.S. population growth by mid-century. Those newcomers hold the potential to expand the workforce by filling the need for both the low-skilled... More