• Wages Up, But Still Below Average


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    Higher wages follow job growth. And as southwestern Pennsylvania continues to lag behind similar regions in job growth, it’s no surprise that wages remain lower. But there is evidence to suggest that may be changing. The average worker in the Pittsburgh Metropolitan Statistical Area for the second quarter of 2017 took home $1,004 per week,... More

  • Working Women


    Working Women - Their numbers rise but wages lag

    Women account for a larger share of the southwestern Pennsylvania labor force than the national average—the result of a decades-long upward trend in a region where women had historically been slow to enter the workforce. But despite their increasing numbers, the quality of the jobs they hold and their earnings generally fall below those of... More

  • The Road to Sustainability



    In a region conceived around the principles of sustainability, clean, healthy air is an undisputed staple. Southwestern Pennsylvania is not there yet. The air has markedly improved from the days when industry was the backbone of the economy. Yet, in the best of years, it’s only good enough to warrant a healthy rating on one-third... More

  • Regional Wages Fall


    Regional Wages Fall // Pittsburgh Today

    The average weekly wage plummeted in southwestern Pennsylvania during the first quarter of the year driven by steep reductions in management pay, a weakened energy industry and other factors. More