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Benchmark Report on the Region’s Quality of Life Finds Progress and Deficiencies
04/13/2015  University of Pittsburgh Pitt Chronicle

Natural Gas Industry Offers Stability for Western Pennsylvania Economy, Experts Say
4/9/2015  Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Southwest Pa. is Safe, Prosperous – Struggles with Poor Air Quality, Obesity, Report Finds
04/08/2015  Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

2015 Pittsburgh Today & Tomorrow Report Released
04/08/2015  University of Pittsburgh News

Diversity Report Gives Region Poor Grades
03/11/2015  New Pittsburgh Courier

Study: Minorities in Pittsburgh Region Dominate Low-wage Jobs
03/06/2015  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Workforce Diversity Report Shows Room for Improvement
03/05/2015  The Pitt News

Minority Employment Report: Diversified Workforce Lacking in Western Pa.
03/05/2015  Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pittsburgh Region’s Workforce Least Diverse Among Similar Regions
03/05/2015  90.5 WESA

Report Highlights Lack of Diversity in Pittsburgh’s Workforce
03/05/2015  Pittsburgh Business Times

Record Year Venture Capital Investments in Pittsburgh Region Driven by Technology
02/17/2015 90.5 WESA

Venture Capitalists Pony Up Faith in Pittsburgh
02/16/2015  Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Pennsylvanians Pay Half the State Income Tax as Neighboring Marylanders
02/09/2015  GO Banking Rates

Pittsburgh Ranks in Middle of Nationwide Sprawl Survey
01/12/2015  90.5 WESA