• Air Rules


    Regulating air quality faces new challenges Bluer skies over southwestern Pennsylvania owe a debt to local, state and federal regulations that have evolved over decades to spur technological advancements and investment in controlling air pollutants from industrial plants to the cars we drive. It wasn’t until the City of Pittsburgh adopted its Smoke Control Ordinance... More

  • Immigrants Wanted


    Immigrants Wanted - Creating a welcoming region is an inexact science

    Reestablishing the region as a destination for immigrants is increasingly seen as a prerequisite for continued economic and population growth. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that immigrants will be the main driver of U.S. population growth by mid-century. Those newcomers hold the potential to expand the workforce by filling the need for both the low-skilled... More

  • What We Say (and do) About the Environment

    More than 800 men and women living in the seven-county Pittsburgh Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) were interviewed for the phone survey conducted in May by the University of Pittsburgh University Center for Social and Urban Research (UCSUR) and Pittsburgh Today. More