• Remaking Learning


    Southwestern Pennsylvania’s imaginative twists on educating children with the digital media they find so engaging and the regional movement that led to them is quietly gaining recognition as a model of 21st-century learning. Behind the innovations is the Remake Learning Network of more than 200 local organizations that has helped leverage the region’s expertise in... More

  • Rewriting History


    Rewriting History - City police attempt to mend relations in African American neighborhoods

    The image of citizen-friendly policing is one that Pittsburgh hopes to earn in African American neighborhoods as the result of studies, programs and new strategies for repairing relationships that have been strained by police practices. One is a national initiative launched by the Obama Administration to improve relationships and increase trust between minority communities and... More

  • Thinking Boldly


    Thinking Boldly - Region begins to imagine the transit network of the future

    Civic leaders across southwestern Pennsylvania want people to start thinking big about the future of transportation in the region. Imagine commuter rail extending to the airport, expanded bus rapid transit, connected bike lanes throughout the area, smart traffic signals—that kind of big. More

  • Art Revival


    Art Revival

    The history of art and community development is complicated and not without tension, particularly between neighborhoods and outside organizations. In recent years, a more inclusive community-driven approach to neighborhood arts has gained wider recognition and interest, particularly in Pittsburgh, where it has become part of efforts to explore the potential of art in local youth... More

  • A Sustaining Influence


    A Sustaining Influence

    Metro regions worldwide are increasingly looking to cultivate innovation economies and reinvent themselves around sustainable strategies as a means of attracting people and investment, promoting future growth and stability, and improving environmental and social conditions. The principles of sustainable development are gaining momentum in Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania. More

  • Pittsburgh Today and Tomorrow 2016


    Pittsburgh Today and Tomorrow 2016

    The 2016 Pittsburgh Today and Tomorrow report, produced by Pittsburgh Today, analyzes recent data to assess the Pittsburgh region’s standing compared with 14 other regions in key economic and quality of life measures. Also included are numerous in-depth reports focusing on the most important issues facing Greater Pittsburgh. To view a PDF version of Pittsburgh... More