• Bridging the Digital Divide


    Bridging the Digital Divide - Pittsburgh Today - by Julia Fraser

    Public libraries, a piece of the region’s educational mosaic, are reinventing themselves in response to the demands of new technologies and changes in how Americans consume information. No longer viable simply as repositories of books and periodicals, they’re becoming multifaceted community education hubs, using data to better understand their users and gaining popularity by offering... More

  • Working Women


    Working Women - Their numbers rise but wages lag

    Women account for a larger share of the southwestern Pennsylvania labor force than the national average—the result of a decades-long upward trend in a region where women had historically been slow to enter the workforce. But despite their increasing numbers, the quality of the jobs they hold and their earnings generally fall below those of... More

  • A Shrinking Resource


    A Shrinking Resource - Leaner times for Pennsylvania’s Department of Education

    Not that long ago, the state Department of Education was a robust repository of expertise for 500 Pennsylvania school districts, offering curricular guidance ranging from math to art to best practices for improving school effectiveness and education outcomes. Those days, however, are largely gone as a new environment has taken hold, one in which federal... More

  • Despite Lull, Pittsburgh Poised To Grow Faster


    Greater Pittsburgh’s economy is in a precarious situation to start 2017. The seven-county region’s unemployment rate rose sharply through the second half of 2015, nearing 6 percent—a level not seen since 2014 when the recovery was just gaining real momentum. Prior to the 2008–09 recession, Pittsburgh’s unemployment rate mirrored national trends for 20 years. So... More

  • Pittsburgh Today and Tomorrow 2017


    Pittsburgh Today and Tomorrow 2017 annual report

    The 2017 Pittsburgh Today and Tomorrow report, produced by Pittsburgh Today, analyzes recent data to assess the Pittsburgh region’s standing compared with 15 other regions in key economic and quality of life measures. Also included are numerous in-depth reports focusing on the most important issues facing Greater Pittsburgh. To view a PDF version of Pittsburgh... More